The Entourage Effect- Working Better Together

puzzle pieces in front of a sunsetAs CBD is getting a lot of attention in products and marketing, it is easy to overlook the over 100 other cannabinoids in Hemp.

Cannabis (both Hemp and Marijuana types) contains over 100 known Phytocannabinoids, including major ones like CBD and THC, and minor ones like CBG and CBN.

Each have been found to function independently, but actually work best together.  This is known as The Entourage Effect.

Working Together Makes Things Easier on The Individual.

A team shares responsibility for reaching the same goal, and in doing so, each member of the team doesn’t have to work as hard to be successful.

Similarly, The Entourage Effect enables all the cannabinoids to each do their part in helping the functions of the body work properly.

Each member may have individual strengths (like a pitcher being able to throw a fastball), but without the First baseman, the rest of the team has a difficult time keeping the game going.

The same is true with the cannabinoids in Hemp.  CBD functions naturally as an encouragement to Endocannabinoids, but it works better when it is has other Phytocannabinoids with it for support.

CBD Likes a Little THC.

In products that contain Full Spectrum CBD oil, The Entourage Effect is at work, as they include cannabinoids in addition to CBD.

Commonly there is a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%), and as a major cannabinoid like CBD, it plays a pretty significant role in the efficacy of CBD.

Minor cannabinoids are like cheerleaders, as they aren’t playing the game, but they do also encourage and enable the success of the others.

CBD without THC Can Still Get the Job Done.

A pitcher can still field balls at first base, but their job is twice as hard.

Without THC and other cannabinoids, CBD does still function as a natural enabler of CB receptor connections, so those isolate and broad spectrum products do still work.

But if CBD has over 100 teammates and fans cheering it on, the Entourage Effect takes it’s Endocannabinoid game to the next level.