CBD + ESS60 Pet Tincture 30ml

CBD + ESS60 Pet Tincture 30ml

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30 ml
10% Broad Spectrum CBD

Our CBD + ESS60 tincture gives your pet the optimum combination of high-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil and ESS60.

The pet tincture is unlike any other product on the market today. Combining the health benefits of CBD with the Nobel Prize winning chemistry of ESS60. A revolutionary organic nano-antioxidant that is changing lives. According to recent studies ESS60 in olive oil has the potential to double life span. A CBD/ESS60 soft gel capsule for human use is scheduled to be released by Botanic Wellness soon.

These 30ml bottles contain high-quality CBD oil AND ESS60 giving your pet the health boost you have been looking for. The only ingredients are organic olive oil, broad-spectrum CBD, ESS60 and Wild Alaskan Salmon oil which makes this a perfect option for anyone that wants to treat their furry friend to a healthy food addition. 

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD, ESS60 and Wild Alaskan Salmon oil.

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